Throwback Thursday: Alice in Wonderland by Grace Coddington (2003)

In the midst of all my Coachella talk, let’s take a time out for a serious fashion moment with a little throwback to 2003 and Grace Coddington‘s Alice in Wonderland editorial fantasy. She brought together model Natalia Vodianova, photographer Annie Leibovitz, and a slew of designers for a breathtaking reimagination of the illustrations in Lewis Carroll’s iconic book.


grace coddington shoot 10Olivier Theyskens as Lewis Carroll

grace coddington shoot 9Nicolas Ghesquiére 

grace coddington alice shoot 2Tom Ford as the White Rabbit 


In a series of custom blue dresses, Vodianova made the perfect Alice with her big eyes and childlike features. Alice’s story is beautifully told on the pages of Vogue through Annie Leibovitz’s lens and was shot at a chateau just outside Paris.


grace coddington shoot 11Natalia Vodianova in Helmut Lang 

grace coddington alice shoot 6Jean Paul Gaultier as the Cheshire Cat

grace coddington alice shoot 5Viktor Horst & Rolf Snoeren (Viktor & Rolf) as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum


Coddington recalls the day as exhausting and exhilarating, finishing the evening with chef-prepared picnic on the lawn. Says Coddington, “it was one of those magical evenings that you knew—as you experienced it—you would never forget.” 


grace coddington alice shoot 4Marc Jacobs as the Caterpillar 

grace coddington alice shoot 3Christian Lacroix and Steven Jones at the Mad Hatter’s tea party

grace coddington alice shoot 1Rupert Everett as the Mock Turtle and Donatella Versace 


To see more from Grace herself, you can catch this clip of In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye where she talks more about the inspiration and execution of the shoot.


grace coddington alice shoot 8With Karl Lagerfeld


grace coddington alice shoot 7John Galliano as the Red Queen

Happy #throwbackthursday!

Much love, Madison Blake

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