Under the Grand Chapiteau

Date night isn’t just for romantic relationships; here at the PTSC, we’re big proponents of the BFF date night. Last week we stepped up our date game, taking in a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM under the Grand Chapiteau in downtown Vancouver. Cirque Selfies before the show, sparkling wine in hand.  The show itself … Continue reading

More Than Fashion: Dress for Success

Hey everybody! Welcome back from the weekend – did you have an amazing time? Megan and I had big plans for a Friday night at the market, but we actually got a little rain on our parade and opted for sushi and lounging in her apartment instead, followed by the usual Saturday shenanigans of full … Continue reading

The Living Dream: Lifetime Collective Summer 2014

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m trying to focus on quality over quantity. That is, if I don’t have something worthwhile to to talk about, I’m keeping my mouth (or laptop, I guess) shut. Hopefully stating that fact in clear terms makes it even more obvious that when I do share something, … Continue reading

Summer Ready with Lady Speed Stick + Giveaway Winners Announced!

Hello my little pals! Did everyone have a wild and wonderful weekend? Megan and I were up to the usual shenanigans…you know, suntanning, a little patio cocktail action, couples workouts at her chic secret fitness centre, buying candles and foundation running important errands…all that good stuff. Stopping for a photo-op on our way to the … Continue reading

Charlotte Olympia at The Room

Last week I checked out the launch of Charlotte Olympia at The Room at The Bay in downtown Vancouver. Other meeting  Charlotte herself (see my Instagram for the proof) and discussing dog names with her (she has one named Madison, I have one named Dolly – just like my favourite of her shoe designs),  I also got a … Continue reading

Local Love: 4 Angels Beauty Care

What is it with me and hair removal? I could talk about it all day, every day (as evidenced here, here, here, and here). My willingness to try new methods and means knows no bounds – let’s call it “research” for those of you who are less fond of using yourselves as human guinea pigs. … Continue reading

The Importance of Basics (Stylisticly Speaking) + 20% off Online at P L E N + Y

For the first twenty-three years or so of my life I was always constantly shiny pennied while out shopping. Not by men (Urban Dictionary is a bit confused with their definition), but by the most impractical, one-time-only wardrobe pieces. This is fantastic for those times that me or my friends need a barrage of sequin mini dresses (my closest comrades have the wildly … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day at Tiffany’s

We’re not exactly die hard romantics and Valentine’s Day enthusiasts here at the Pointy Toe Shoe Crew, but what we are on board with is any reason to be gifted with diamonds and jewels. So whether you’re searching for a very special something for your significant other, a gift for your BFF, or a little bit of … Continue reading