If I was Going to Coachella: The Accessories.

Happy Friday! Is everyone thrilled to have the weekend back again? This week has been a fun one with some events and hangout time, but I’m still ready for the R&R that the weekend allows. For those of you who missed the memo, I’ve been pretty into this pretend-I’m-going-to-Coachella thing. I dreamed up a list … Continue reading

If I was Going to Coachella: The Outfits.

We’ve already established that I’m not going to Coachella. I have had my day on the music festival scene, however, so I still like to fantasize about what I’d pack if I was going to the penultimate west coast festival. After yesterday’s post all about what beauty products I’d pack, I started to get a … Continue reading

Holiday Sparkle with Bootlegger

There are so many things I love about the holiday season (ugly Christmas sweaters, anyone?), but two of the best are the parties and the glitter. On the eve of Megan’s Hawaiian birthday/family holiday, I visited Bootlegger’s boutique location on Vancouver’s West 4th Ave for an evening of those two very things – a holiday … Continue reading

Ho-Ho-Holiday Sweaters

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! Here’s hoping you get your fill of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and whatever other delicious treats find their way onto your plates 🙂 American Thanksgiving marks the real start of the holidays for me. Though Christmas decorations have been in plain sight since November 1st (or earlier…), I’m only … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Totally getting a late start today with this post because woke up in a (literal and metaphorical) fog. I’m bogged down with some sort of outrageous cold and it’s everything but chic.  But my friends say unless I’m significantly better I’m not allowed to come out tonight, so I’ve been on couch arrest and pre-occupied … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Oh we’re back! Stylish Saturday took a bit of an unplanned hiatus last week ’cause we were busy being Pop Stars and leaving the country. But actually though, sometimes things just need to take a time-out. Blame it on the technologies (it actually was a computer ailment that ruined us in the end). You can … Continue reading

Split Personality: Play Time at the MET

And on the 9th day of fashion week, we went to the MET! With all of our shows and market appointments behind us, we had the luxury of a full day of gallivanting ahead of us. My boo and fellow KENTON editor Talya was a gem and headed off at the crack of crack to go … Continue reading

White-Out: NYFW Day … Something

I’ve gotten a bit out of order with my fashion week days. For reasons not otherwise specified, we’re skipping over day 4 for the time being and jumping on  to day 5. To call this day a struggle, would be a vast understatement. Let’s just say 6 nights of being up past 5am and running … Continue reading