Throwback Thursday (kind of): Calvin Klein Re-Issue

This week was a big one for nostalgists everywhere; Calvin Klein Jeans collaborated with on a 19 piece relaunch of some of the denim line’s most iconic designs from the 1990s. It’s called The Re-Issue Project.

The re-issue includes classic pieces like high waisted shorts, cropped muscle tees, sweatshirts, and denim inspired by the originals modeled by Brooke Shields and Kate Moss back in the ’90s.

ckjeans crop muscle tee hoodie

ckjeans overalls faded denim

We all know the grunge look has been creeping back for a while: plaid shirts wrapped around waists, slouchy knitted toques, and mom jeans are regular fashion blog fodder. Cashing in on our nostalgia is to be expected.  Justin O’Shea, Buying Director at, describes it a bit more romantically:

“At the moment, people don’t want trends. It’s about following the identity of a brand that stays true to its direction. The consumer wants authenticity, to be part of something and feel they’re getting more than a piece of fabric.” 

And who better to model the old-is-new-again collection than someone who shares DNA with the original iteration’s poster girl? Lottie Moss, Kate’s half sister, modeled the pieces for images shot by Michael Avedon – that’s the grandson of  Richard Avedon, the man responsible for the original campaign. I’ve also referenced his work in a previous Throwback Thursday….but I guess the Calvin Klein ads are probably more important than my blogging…

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 8

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 7

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 6

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 5

The aesthetic of the campaign shares similarities with the originals, which I think is more of a testament to the timelessness of Avedon and Kate Moss than the talents of the creators this time around. Often imitated, never duplicated.

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 4

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 3

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 2

ck jeans reissue lottie moss 1

On the decision to undertake such a throwback collaboration, Kevin Carrigan, Global Creative Director at Calvin Klein, told Glamour UK,

“There’s this really cool moment of dressing down; a mixing of street wear, which, to me, is what Nineties grunge is – people wearing sneakers with couture.” 

I’d never describe myself as a having a grunge aesthetic, but I’m definitely pining for some of these pieces. I’m even almost considering how I’d look in a pair of faded denim overalls (too bad they’re $400+…just a little over budget).  Everything is selling out fast, but you can see the full re-launch on

Much love, Madison Blake

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