An exclusive Q&A with the boys of Public School!

HI! It’s been a pretty thrilling week editor-wise for me and in the words of xojane, It Happened To Me: I landed an exclusive Q&A with the boys of Public School! If you’re unfamiliar with this New York City duo, let me explain: launched in 2008 by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne, Public School has fast become one of the most coveted brands. Having been on the come up these last few years, they won the 2013 Swarovski Award for Menswear at the CFDA Awards, just launched a capsule collection with J. Crew and have collaborated with the likes of Nike and Urban Outfitters. They released their first womenswear collection in Feburary during New York Fashion Week, showing it alongside their menswear and have just recently invaded Holt Renfrew Vancouver. Aside from all that, their collections are seriously dope. Even before their foray into womenswear, my friends and I wanted to wear all the men’s pieces. SO, as you can see, these two guys are kind of the coolest.

I obviously thrilled out over the chance to interview them and while you can read the entire interview at KENTON magazine by clicking this link, I wanted to share some of my favorite bits.


Above: Max and Dao-Yi hanging out in their Holt Renfrew Vancouver home.


KENTON: Congratulations on all your success! It’s kind of been a whirlwind! Launching womenswear, the CFDA menswear award, JCrew. What’s the year been like for you guys? That’s a lot to take in!

Maxwell Osbourne (MO): It’s been busy! It’s been a hell of a year, I think back and the thing is, we don’t really dwell on it so much. Like the awards, the awards you celebrate that night and really everybody has to get back to work in the office the next morning. Right back to work like nothing has happened, you embrace it, you understand it but really get back to work and even really work even harder than before. Because we’re still so small, and then it’s a difficult position to be projected that fast, a bit faster than our infrastructure can maybe hold sometimes. So its really, like, great award, thank you, that was great, let’s put that down and let’s get right back to work. We’ve learned to enjoy it, embrace it, understand the blessings that we’ve had and just really want to keep going for the next, you know, future.


Look 10: Fall 2014

KENTON: So, all the cool kids want to wear your clothes and with that said, where do you guys hang out?  What are you listening to? You guys are the cool kids we all want to sit with at lunch.

MO: We listen to everything but recently we’ve been listening to a lot of  Twin Shadow

DYC: I don’t know, what are we playing on our Spotify? Jamie XXGil Scott-HeronSBTRKTDisclosure The Cure


Look 24 Fall 2014

KENTON: Your collections speak to such a wide audience.  A man and his son could shop your collection, but who is the Public School guy? Who are you designing for?

DYC: The Public School guy is a connector, is what we call him. Where he brings together all these different worlds and different circles, so not only fashion, music; which is a big big part, art; which is a big big part and pop culture just in general, so he really represents this idea of inversions, pulling from all different areas for references, not just one area specifically. Really diverse and really cultured. Reference points – he really likes to dress from day to evening. Whatever he wears to work, he can wear it throughout the day and into the evening. If he has to go to an event, he doesn’t have to change. There’s all these different elements that he can mix and match together.

MO: I feel like this is every major city’s way of dressing.


look 5 Fall 2014

KENTON: So last February you launched this amazing womenswear line. We want every single piece. So who is the Public School woman? She is the tomboy counterpart of the Public School man, but who is she really?

DYC: Exactly, she is the tomboy friend of our Public School guy. She is also the same sort of connector, involved with so many different worlds, bringing people together. But there really is that tomboy element where we take direct extension from what we do in men’s and throw that over into women’s.


Look 33 Fall 2014

KENTON:  With all this success, how have you dealt with the pressure for continued success?

DYC: We just try to make sure that every next step we take is bigger and sort of more focused than the last step we’ve taken. It is a lot of pressure and we really want to focus on making sure the production is first and foremost, so making clothes that fit and fit consistently, and will last you your whole life is a priority of ours. So I think that’s one way to combat the pressures. If you can deliver on time and ship on time and deliver goods that fit consistently that, then we would have lived up to sort of the hype, that’s what we really try to focus on.


And that’s all I’m sharing here! Be sure to read the full interview. They share what their plans are for the future of Public School, what their past work at Sean John taught them, and so much more! Oh they also called us CREEPY.  Which is possibly my favorite thing ever. Find out whyyyyyyy …. here!

xxMegan West

PS. Sending a super special thanks to my boo Melissa Mah for her extensive help on this feature!

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