Who We Are

Pointy Toe Shoe Crew

Once upon a time, there were three little fashionistas growing up in Small Town, Canada. They embraced fashion and trends, and when they dared bring their stylish selves to the high school hallways, the fashionistas were met with skeptical looks and ridicule. But did they let the haters win, and opt for a uniform of ultra-low-rise skin-tight jeans, skater shoes, and hoodies?! Hellz no! The fashionistas wore their skirts and pointy toed pumps with pride, and thus…The Pointy Toe Shoe Crew was born!

The Pointy Toe Shoe Crew, or PTSC, see style as loving what you wear, finding a look that you love, and then making it your own by interpreting and styling trends for yourself. They blog six days a week covering personal style, trend reports, beauty topics, international fashion weeks, celebrity and red carpet happenings, DIY projects, local events, and whatever else tickles their fashion fancy (always brought to you with a wink and a healthy dose of humour).

The PTSC has collaborated with John Freida, I See Noise, Social Experiment, Hunter McLeod, VEET, NailPolishCanada.com, Whisper Jewels, Fake Bake, Pixie Mood, and Lush. Madison and Megan have also acted as Vancouver correspondents for Dress to Kill magazine.

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