Megan West

The Pointy Toe Shoe Crew: Who We Are


Photo by Talya Macedo

Megan is co-creator and blogger for the Pointy Toe Shoe Crew, the Senior Market & Beauty Editor at KENTON Magazine, and a previous Fashion Writer at Dress to Kill magazine. She keeps herself busy on the fashion scene styling runway shows and editorials, appearing on TV, and doing freelance fashion writing. Her work at KENTON takes her from Vancouver, to Toronto & New York ensuring she stays on top of current collections, trends, and designers. She believes self-tanning is a lifestyle and lives in pursuit of the Versace dream. You can find her on Twitter, and Instagram here.  Writing, styling, and any other inquiries can be sent to meganweststyle@gmail .com.

image credit: Kaoverii Marapon for The-Unprecedented

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