So, This Happened.

I haven’t posted in ages (specifically, since June 27th. Ages ago, indeed). I’ve been a little busy. You see, last week, I moved overseas. Via my Instagram  I didn’t give many people advance warning because I didn’t want to jinx it (and I’m kind of private like that), but obviously it’s going to impact the … Continue reading

Las Vegas Photo Diary + Must-Haves

Oh, hi there! Thought I’d left you for good, didn’t you? Would you believe me if I said that it has just actually taken me this long to recover from the epic Las Vegas vacation? My suitcase still isn’t fully unpacked, there are stray sequins and hair extensions showing up in the most random locations, … Continue reading

The Beauty Blow-Up: My Selfie Challenge

We live in the age of the selfie. You do it, I do it, celebrities do it, pre-teens do it, some of your parents probably do it, too. Recently, the emergence of the #nomakeupselfie “campaign” has brought selfies to the forefront of my mind, but in a different way than usual. What is generally reserved … Continue reading


OK so you know what? IT’S MADISON BLAKE’S BIRTHDAY TODAY! And I’d like to take this time to tell everyone that you know what? It’s just not every day that someone like her comes around. Generally speaking this isn’t a friendship blog in which we ramble about each other, but today it is. Because it’s … Continue reading

The Importance of Basics (Stylisticly Speaking) + 20% off Online at P L E N + Y

For the first twenty-three years or so of my life I was always constantly shiny pennied while out shopping. Not by men (Urban Dictionary is a bit confused with their definition), but by the most impractical, one-time-only wardrobe pieces. This is fantastic for those times that me or my friends need a barrage of sequin mini dresses (my closest comrades have the wildly … Continue reading

I’m Back! And for (sort of) real this time with a NYFW Photo Diary

YO! I’m back! Who am I you might ask? And for this I don’t blame you. I haven’t showed upon the blog SINCE LAST YEAR! You can click here to catch up on my last stint, which was all about teen problemz. Anyway, if you forget who I am, click here to read all about it, … Continue reading

Our 2013 Style Round-Up

I know, I know…you guys are like, “Another 2013 recap?! That’s so last year!” But I’ve got just a tiny bit more re-hashing to do and then I promise I’ll move on…. For one last blog-gy recap of 2013, I’ve compiled our personal style from the past year. From Vancouver to Toronto and even New York, … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our friends, family, and followers. May your day be merry and bright (and possibly filled with pom-pom’d reindeer and ridiculous earmuffs). We hope you have a very special holiday with those you love. Love, The Pointy Toe Shoe Crew PS Photo via the Holt Renfrew … Continue reading