Crazy for Culottes

Did you guys know I have an affinity for humongous pants? Or should I say…trousers. I keep confusing people over here because in the UK they call their underwear ‘pants,‘ so when I say I like huge pants, people think I have a soft spot for over-sized undies. Not the case. Anyway, after a very brief … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Totally getting a late start today with this post because woke up in a (literal and metaphorical) fog. I’m bogged down with some sort of outrageous cold and it’s everything but chic.  But my friends say unless I’m significantly better I’m not allowed to come out tonight, so I’ve been on couch arrest and pre-occupied … Continue reading

Robe Life: NYFW Day 2 Outfit Details

My general game plan (which is really Alex‘s game plan, which I adopted) for fashion week(s) is that I pre-plan all of my outfits, take photos of each look, and don’t stray from the plan. This ensures there aren’t any out of control over-packing situations (something that I can fall serious victim too, very easily … Continue reading

Savvy Style: Must Have Maxi

I’m baaaaaaacccckkk! After a week off (in Jamaica, may I add) I am back with your weekly Savvy Style post. Big thanks to Madison Blake for filling in last week (how awesome was her H&M Conscious Collection post?!). This week’s Savvy Style features a summer time staple, an absolute must-have, and a personal favourite of … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

For the last day of fashion week, I decided to dress up with a little extra sparkle. I used to be very drawn to anything sequined, but as my style has evolved it’s gotten a little less feminine in certain ways and I’ve noticed I’m less drawn to the sequin. Not to say I don’t … Continue reading

Savvy Style: The Year of the Snake

Warning, this blog is about to get creepy (especially for anyone suffering with Ophidiophobia). 2013 is the year of the snake, and with that comes a trend that is taking over clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags. Snake print, snake shape, snake everything…it’s all in the details, which is appropriate since according to my (limited) research, … Continue reading

Savvy Style: Oscar Trends

I’m not sure about you, but my Sunday night was ruled by the Oscars. I made myself dinner, set up a nail painting station, and had a pot of tea going all night. I was ready to sit on my couch and watch (way too many) hours of red carpet coverage followed by the award … Continue reading

Savvy Style: V-Day Style Inspiration

Warning, this blog post is about V-Day. Yes, I’m talking about (the sometimes dreaded) Valentine’s Day… the day that is surrounded by hearts, flowers, rainbows, unicorns, and all things LUV. Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? No biggie! In fact, keep reading because this week’s Savvy Style has you covered whether you’re shooting Cupid’s arrow … Continue reading