Woman Crush Wednesday: Zoe Kravitz

So, Katelyn and I went to see Divergent a few weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been planning on blogging about my crush on Zoe Kravitz. First off, let me give a little background info on this: I have a little bit of a thing for dystopian-future literature. The Handmaid’s Tale, The Hunger Games trilogy, Oryx & … Continue reading

Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Watson

Since 2001, you’ve known her as the brainy and bossy sidekick in the Harry Potter film franchise, but since wrapping up the final installment in 2011, Emma Watson has been busy carving out an identity separate from the world of witchcraft and wizardry. Like many young, pretty stars before her, she ran with the fashion … Continue reading

Our 2013 Style Round-Up

I know, I know…you guys are like, “Another 2013 recap?! That’s so last year!” But I’ve got just a tiny bit more re-hashing to do and then I promise I’ll move on…. For one last blog-gy recap of 2013, I’ve compiled our personal style from the past year. From Vancouver to Toronto and even New York, … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Totally getting a late start today with this post because woke up in a (literal and metaphorical) fog. I’m bogged down with some sort of outrageous cold and it’s everything but chic.  But my friends say unless I’m significantly better I’m not allowed to come out tonight, so I’ve been on couch arrest and pre-occupied … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Oh we’re back! Stylish Saturday took a bit of an unplanned hiatus last week ’cause we were busy being Pop Stars and leaving the country. But actually though, sometimes things just need to take a time-out. Blame it on the technologies (it actually was a computer ailment that ruined us in the end). You can … Continue reading

The Return of Stylish Saturday!

It has been a long, long time since I ventured into outfit pic territory (in fact, it was way back in June), but here I am in a new season with a new hair colour! I’m sure you missed my awkward mannequin posing, so breathe a sigh of relief and behold these images from my movie night … Continue reading

Robe Life: NYFW Day 2 Outfit Details

My general game plan (which is really Alex‘s game plan, which I adopted) for fashion week(s) is that I pre-plan all of my outfits, take photos of each look, and don’t stray from the plan. This ensures there aren’t any out of control over-packing situations (something that I can fall serious victim too, very easily … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Over the past however long, I’ve had an affinity for turning things into clothing items that they aren’t actually supposed to be. For example, last summer in Vegas I decided a LNA t-shirt was going to a little black dress for the night. The summer before that it was a cotton romper, which was turned … Continue reading