An exclusive Q&A with the boys of Public School!

HI! It’s been a pretty thrilling week editor-wise for me and in the words of xojane, It Happened To Me: I landed an exclusive Q&A with the boys of Public School! If you’re unfamiliar with this New York City duo, let me explain: launched in 2008 by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne, Public School has … Continue reading

Librarian Grunge: NYFW Day 3 Outfit

My outfit for day 3 of New York Fashion Week was my take on a classic silhouette given a modern day infusion. *Editor’s note: Alex actually needs a major shout-out here as this look was the work of the two of us having a bit of a wild time in Zara oneday. Mixing the floral pencil … Continue reading

The Return of Stylish Saturday!

It has been a long, long time since I ventured into outfit pic territory (in fact, it was way back in June), but here I am in a new season with a new hair colour! I’m sure you missed my awkward mannequin posing, so breathe a sigh of relief and behold these images from my movie night … Continue reading

Robe Life: NYFW Day 2 Outfit Details

My general game plan (which is really Alex‘s game plan, which I adopted) for fashion week(s) is that I pre-plan all of my outfits, take photos of each look, and don’t stray from the plan. This ensures there aren’t any out of control over-packing situations (something that I can fall serious victim too, very easily … Continue reading

Photo Diary: New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

As promised, we are back with our regularly scheduled blog-programming! I’m somewhat freshly home from an extended trip to New York for Fashion Week with my incredible KENTON family and am super excited to share some of the memories with you. It really was the most amazing time with the greatest team and while photos don’t do … Continue reading