Dolce & Gabbana’s Night Out

  Since I arrived in the UK less than two weeks ago, I have apparently given up on sleeping. I don’t know why, exactly. The days are so long that by the time the sun finally sets, my friends and family back home are just really getting into Instagram-ming, Facebook-ing, Tweeting, and WhatsApp-ing for the … Continue reading

Cinema Style: American Hustle

Before Megan’s trip home for the holidays, we met up for one final hurrah. I was feeling under the weather but joined Megan at Holt Renfrew anyway – we had serious business to attend to (a certain Givenchy cuff may or may not have been waiting for Megan there…).  The aforementioned cuff. I can’t even. … Continue reading

Red Carpet Spotlight: Zoe Saldana Pt. 2

Yet again I have to begin my recap of a celebrity’s best red carpet moments by thanking stylist extraordinaire, Rachel Zoe, for her ability to take a beautiful young actress and send her out into the public eye looking nothing short of breathtaking.  Behold, in absolute random order, my top five picks for Zoe Saldana’s … Continue reading