An exclusive Q&A with the boys of Public School!

HI! It’s been a pretty thrilling week editor-wise for me and in the words of xojane, It Happened To Me: I landed an exclusive Q&A with the boys of Public School! If you’re unfamiliar with this New York City duo, let me explain: launched in 2008 by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne, Public School has … Continue reading

The Importance of Basics (Stylisticly Speaking) + 20% off Online at P L E N + Y

For the first twenty-three years or so of my life I was always constantly shiny pennied while out shopping. Not by men (Urban Dictionary is a bit confused with their definition), but by the most impractical, one-time-only wardrobe pieces. This is fantastic for those times that me or my friends need a barrage of sequin mini dresses (my closest comrades have the wildly … Continue reading

I’m Back! And for (sort of) real this time with a NYFW Photo Diary

YO! I’m back! Who am I you might ask? And for this I don’t blame you. I haven’t showed upon the blog SINCE LAST YEAR! You can click here to catch up on my last stint, which was all about teen problemz. Anyway, if you forget who I am, click here to read all about it, … Continue reading

Our 2013 Style Round-Up

I know, I know…you guys are like, “Another 2013 recap?! That’s so last year!” But I’ve got just a tiny bit more re-hashing to do and then I promise I’ll move on…. For one last blog-gy recap of 2013, I’ve compiled our personal style from the past year. From Vancouver to Toronto and even New York, … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our friends, family, and followers. May your day be merry and bright (and possibly filled with pom-pom’d reindeer and ridiculous earmuffs). We hope you have a very special holiday with those you love. Love, The Pointy Toe Shoe Crew PS Photo via the Holt Renfrew … Continue reading

Body Scrubs: So much more than routine beauty practice

Oh, hi. It’s the phantom that is ME, Megan West. I’ve been particularly non-existent around here lately because of my ADD sometimes I get too caught up editing the market and ranting about Bambi-lashes and then I’m simply defective and void of any wisdom to lend over here. And I refuse to half-hardheartedly write things … Continue reading

The Case of the Vanishing (teenage) Acne

It’s come to my attention in the last few year’s of my (so-called) adult life that what we were once told, re: teenage acne, all about how it’s a temporary thing of the (not even) most angst-y years and that “it’ll be gone by the time you graduate!” and all that was really just wrong. Because the … Continue reading

It’s Birthday Time! Megan West Turns 25

Today is a BIG DAY people. It’s Megan West’s BIRTHDAY. And it’s not just any birthday. This day marks her 25th year on this planet (I know, I know. You thought she was 18, right? She has that youthful glow) and as usual, I’m sitting here trying to come up with a blog post worthy … Continue reading