Throwback Thursday (kind of): Calvin Klein Re-Issue

This week was a big one for nostalgists everywhere; Calvin Klein Jeans collaborated with on a 19 piece relaunch of some of the denim line’s most iconic designs from the 1990s. It’s called The Re-Issue Project. The re-issue includes classic pieces like high waisted shorts, cropped muscle tees, sweatshirts, and denim inspired by the originals … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Kate Moss in “Beautopia”

Hey, friends! Can you feel that? It’s the weekend getting that much closer! I’m kind of thrilling out over every passing day because it means one less day until I take off for my happy place (also know as Las Vegas). I know I should be all #liveinthemoment #bepresent and everything … but, well, my … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the long weekend! I was chatting with Megan last night about Tumblr and how it doesn’t jive with my psyche – I’m far too wordy and am compelled to explain myself. Posting photos only makes me feel like the risk of people missing the point is just too high. Anyway, let’s buck … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Kate Moss in Harper’s Bazaar, July 1993

In case you haven’t noticed, I love Kate Moss. Hot on the heels of her 40th birthday, she shows little sign of slowing down. Her impact on the world of fashion has been monumental, and it all started with a skinny teenager from Croydon. She has stirred up controversy over her BMI in the 1990’s … Continue reading

The Beauty Blow-Up Icons: Kate Moss

We kind of have a thing for Kate Moss around here. Despite her sometimes-controversial persona life, Moss has stayed pretty much at the top of the fashion world for the majority of her 39 years. She definitely fits the criteria of beauty icon with her one of a kind looks, so who better to feature … Continue reading