Dolce & Gabbana’s Night Out

  Since I arrived in the UK less than two weeks ago, I have apparently given up on sleeping. I don’t know why, exactly. The days are so long that by the time the sun finally sets, my friends and family back home are just really getting into Instagram-ming, Facebook-ing, Tweeting, and WhatsApp-ing for the … Continue reading

Red Carpet Round-Up: MTV Movie Awards

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards aired last night (and if you missed it, don’t worry…I’m sure it’ll replay on MTV 34985739 times in the next few weeks. And all summer). While it may not be the Oscars or the Golden Globes (Wait, what? You mean the Academy doesn’t vote for 2012’s Best Kiss? This is … Continue reading

Academy Awards Fashion Predictions

The Oscars are coming!  The Oscars are coming!  Specifically, they air this Sunday, capping off another fashionable red carpet season.  I know it’s supposed to be about the cinematic performances, but what I’m wondering is: who will be crowned Queen of Couture?  As I’ve done before, I’d like to play a game of “Madison Plays … Continue reading

Red Carpet Bonus: The 2012 SAG Awards

Happy Monday, fabby friends! Today we kick-off another week with a blow-up of full-on glamour. As many of you may know, last night was the SAG Awards and thus, we’re given a dose of red carpet style! What’s better?! Kind of makes for a way fun Sunday night … So this morning we present the … Continue reading

Red Carpet Special: Emma Stone, Part II

Emma Stone is a relatively new kid on the style block but has quickly cultivated a reputation for being a unique and risk-taking red carpet dresser.  As we saw in yesterday’s post, curated by Megan West, whether she’s blonde or ginger Stone brings her A-game (ha-ha…she was in Easy A…get it?) when it comes to … Continue reading