Stylish Saturday!

Totally getting a late start today with this post because woke up in a (literal and metaphorical) fog. I’m bogged down with some sort of outrageous cold and it’s everything but chic.  But my friends say unless I’m significantly better I’m not allowed to come out tonight, so I’ve been on couch arrest and pre-occupied with freaky facial-filler commercials and Kardashian marathons all day. And like, Kylie and Kendal are totally giving me a complex. In the last episode they booked car service and flew off to Vegas without telling anyone! And they’re 14 and 15.  I mean, swag. I got such a late start in life.

But anyway, I finally remembered that I forgot to post Stylish Saturday, so here it is! This was my “Sunday best” from a couple of weekends ago. Madison and I were having some sort of all-weekend sleepover (so what we do every weekend) that involved a quick jaunt over the border for errands and such. So you know, groceries and accidental raiding of the Philip Lim for Target collab. Yessssss.  A favorite of said massacre is this pair of sweatpants. Because the only person who can make sweats cool is Philip Lim. And now it’s all I want to wear, ever. Sweats-sessed.

oct 6 2013 012-1

oct 6 2013 017-1

oct 6 2013 019

oct 6 2013 015-1

oct 6 2013 048

oct 6 2013 041-1
oct 6 2013 046

oct 6 2013 050-1


Hat: Holt Renfrew brand, Jacket: Zara (purchased in NYC)Shirt: Zara (featured on , film here), Pants: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Nella Bella, Sunnies: Spy, Bracelets: Kara Ross + Balenciaga

And this was Madison’s Sunday outfit. I think we had intended on taking me home and we ended up spending hours downtown at Holts and like … roaming. But of course. And hey it’s that vest we rambled about! All kinds of casual grunge-y ness complete with backpack!
SS 6 oct 13 3

SS 6 oct 13 4

SS 6 oct 13

SS 6 oct 2013 2


Another Influence Denim Gilet (previously seen in our Into It video here) – available here

3.1 Philip Lim for Target Sparkle Tank – available here

Trousers from Target

Longchamp leather backpack

H&M heels

ALDO ring 

Have the most fab weekend!

xxMegan West

One Response to “Stylish Saturday!”
  1. Mack Dawg says:

    i like both of these outfits 🙂

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